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January 17, 2020, 8:07 pm UTC    
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PERET - PhD and Post-doc Italian Researchers in ancient Egypt and Nubia

Hermione 04/12/2018 08:28AM

Amarna Studies and other selected papers

Hermione 04/08/2018 10:04AM

Water Supplies during Red Sea Voyages to Punt (Fr.)

Hermione 04/07/2018 09:06AM

Frankfort - Kingship and the Gods

Hermione 04/06/2018 09:19AM

Athens - Summer 2018 - Ancient Greek Water-Organ Sounds Again at Acropolis Museum

Hermione 04/05/2018 10:51AM

Swansea, Weds. 18 Apr 2018, 7 pm - "From Queen to Pharaoh: The Reign of Hatshepsut" - Dr. Kenneth Griffin

Hermione 04/02/2018 11:03AM

Re: Swansea, Weds. 18 Apr 2018, 7 pm - "From Queen to Pharaoh: The Reign of Hatshepsut" - Dr. Kenneth Griffin

L Cooper 04/03/2018 04:22PM

History of Applied Science & Technology An Open Access Textbook

Hermione 04/02/2018 10:58AM

Jequier's Les pyramides des reines Neit et Apouit

L Cooper 03/28/2018 01:26PM

Re: Jequier's Les pyramides des reines Neit et Apouit

Hermione 03/28/2018 02:14PM

Revolutionizing a World. From Small States to Universalism in the Pre-Islamic Near East

Hermione 03/23/2018 04:02PM

20 June – 23 September 2018; Cambridge, UK; Photographing Tutankhamun

Hermione 03/22/2018 02:58PM

Newly added to Orbis Biblicus et Orientalis Online March 20, 2018

Hermione 03/22/2018 12:16PM

American Journal of Archaeology April 2018 (122.2)

Hermione 03/21/2018 10:14AM


Hermione 03/21/2018 10:11AM

Building a Predynastic: The Construction of Predynastic Galleys

Hermione 03/20/2018 06:29PM

Solar alignments in Ancient Egypt (Current exhibition - March 2018 - at the Antiquities Museum of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina in Alexandria)

Hermione 03/19/2018 12:01PM

Digital South Arabia

Hermione 03/11/2018 10:16AM

Reconstruction of vertical and L-shaped ancient Egyptian sundials and methods for measuring time

Hermione 03/02/2018 05:09PM

Review - "Ancient Worlds: A Global History of Antiquity"

Hermione 02/22/2018 04:38AM

Slab Stelae of the Giza Necropolis

Hermione 02/15/2018 08:43AM

Textile terminologies in the ancient near east

Hermione 02/15/2018 08:34AM

Hittite Database

Hermione 02/04/2018 12:01PM

World Digital Library

Hermione 02/04/2018 06:25AM

Fri 2.2.2018 -15:45 (CET) - Livestream - "A Summer's Day? With What Shall We Compare the Dead Sea Scrolls?" Prof. Dr. George J. Brooke

Hermione 01/31/2018 12:28PM

WWI Digitization Project

Khazar-khum 01/26/2018 05:08PM

Montréal, 25 Jan 2018, 11.00 am -12.30 pm - Wadi el Jarf, and the Discovery of Merer's Journal (Fr. lang.) - Dr. Pierre Tallet

Hermione 01/20/2018 10:27AM

Paris, 25 Jan 2018 - Tattooed Bodies in Ancient Egypt and Nubia

Hermione 01/10/2018 11:42AM

Desheret - Photo Gallery and Museum Guide

Hermione 01/07/2018 03:22PM


Hermione 12/31/2017 01:37PM

Online Archive of Open Access Books - Including Archaeology

Paul H. 12/29/2017 03:30PM

Washington DC, until Jan. 15, 2018 - 'Divine Felines'

Hermione 12/20/2017 05:34PM

The Schøyen Collection

Hermione 12/04/2017 03:47AM

Journal of Ancient Egyptian Architecture

Hermione 12/21/2016 01:18PM

Re: Journal of Ancient Egyptian Architecture - JAEA 2017

Hermione 12/03/2017 01:37PM

New Issue of “SAA Archaeological Record” Available Online

Paul H. 11/30/2017 12:28PM

The symbolism of the djed-pillar in "The Tale of King Khufu and the Magicians"

Hermione 10/11/2017 03:14PM

New Book: Book of the Dead from Oriental Institute in Print and Online

Hermione 10/05/2017 01:53PM

Birmingham, UK, 11th Oct 2017, "Sudan: Egypt's Southern Neighbour"

Hermione 10/03/2017 10:11AM

(CAMEL) Center for Ancient Middle Eastern Landscapes

Hermione 12/18/2016 03:12AM

Re: (CAMEL) Center for Ancient Middle Eastern Landscapes

Hermione 09/29/2017 09:55AM

British Museum, London - 14 Sep 2017 – 14 Jan 2018 - Scythians, warriors of ancient Siberia

Hermione 09/17/2017 11:59AM

Dabir 4 - including Nina Mazhjoo on Mithras as discussed by Bruce Lincoln

Hermione 09/17/2017 11:55AM

University of Memphis List of Egyptology Books

Byrd 09/15/2017 03:17PM

Re: University of Memphis List of Egyptology Books

Hermione 09/16/2017 01:38AM

UC Berkeley, 20 9 2017 - An Egyptological Afternoon

Hermione 09/13/2017 03:54PM

NY 10028, August 2017 - Exhibition: The “Hurrian Hymn” in the Guggenheim Social Practice Art Initiative

Hermione 08/14/2017 08:57AM

Textile Terminologies from the Orient to the Mediterranean and Europe, 1000 BC to 1000 AD

Hermione 08/03/2017 03:16PM

Flann Mainistreach

Hermione 07/29/2017 09:27AM

Re: Flann Mainistreach

Khazar-khum 08/01/2017 03:48PM

Re: Flann Mainistreach

Hermione 08/01/2017 03:55PM

A selection of papers by John Carey

Hermione 07/29/2017 11:07AM

London WC2: Sir John Soane’s Museum will present Egypt uncovered: Belzoni and the Tomb of Pharaoh Seti I - October 11, 2017 through April 15, 2018.

Hermione 07/28/2017 09:06AM

Aula Orientalis

Hermione 07/27/2017 12:26PM

“Drinking Beer in a Blissful Mood” (Review)

Hermione 07/17/2017 03:59PM

Re: “Drinking Beer in a Blissful Mood” (Review)

Hermione 07/17/2017 04:01PM

An archaeological study of baking and bread in New Kingdom Egypt

Hermione 07/17/2017 03:40PM

Canaanite jars from Memphis as evidence for trade and political relationships in the Middle Bronze Age

Hermione 07/17/2017 03:33PM

1500 Years of Dietary Change in the Lower Ica Valley, Peru

Hermione 07/17/2017 03:32PM

Nostratic Dictionary - Third Edition

Hermione 07/17/2017 03:26PM

The Emperor’s Old Clothes and The Origins of Medieval Nucleated Settlements and Their Open Fields

Hermione 07/17/2017 01:42PM

Kilise Tepe Excavations 2

Hermione 07/17/2017 07:40AM

Before the Pyramids: Emily Teeter

Hermione 07/17/2017 03:13AM

Taiwan museum makes exhibit images free to download

Hermione 07/15/2017 06:44AM

Roman Mapping in Britain and Europe

Hermione 07/15/2017 03:02AM

Some open access articles from JARCE 2016

Hermione 07/13/2017 06:27AM

Sinai Palimpsests Project

Hermione 07/12/2017 02:41PM

Ecology of Time: Calendar of the Human Body in the Pamir Mountains

Hermione 07/06/2017 06:08AM