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February 24, 2019 01:33PM
Now that Bonnie Pitblado et al. have exposed the title above "Archaeologists Find Evidence Of Human Habitation In The Rockies Stretching Back 9,000 Years " as being non-new-news worthy, it doesn't mean the old news at Magic Moutain isn't news worthy because that "no evidence" once again supports the Clovis First paradigm.

If the title is deceptive, the article as a whole by Rae Ellen should be classified as fake news.
From Rae Ellen's article: " Then, this past summer they went deeper than they had before, digging more than 7 feet underground."

WT...??? Wasn't Rae Ellen aware of the famous archaeologists of the past who have worked for their museum and have already dug down 13 feet in the same area?
"The Irwins excavated the Magic Mountain site in 1959–60. Their work, sponsored by the Peabody Museum of Harvard University, revealed significant cultural deposits at least thirteen feet deep, representing thousands of years of use." Yep, that's the very same Cynthia Irwin-Williams who was also the team leader at Hueyatlaco site in Mexico!

OK, so there is a discrepancy between 13 feet and the Archaic notched points found at around 4 feet deep, so I assume the new team leaders (Mitchill and Koons) have rechecked this issue and are satisfied 5000 years equals about 4 feet deep and 9000 years equals about 7 feet deep (according to the preliminary 14C dates), at least at the spot they are testing.
They have promised a white paper, so for the time being, 9000 years equals 7 feet down. This means the Clovis era would be aproximatley 4 feet deeper yet.
"They opened up a section of soil about the size of a windshield."
“And in there we found some animal bones and some chipped stone from making stone tools,” says Koons.
If they have thousands of artifacts at the 4 foot level, it is not surprising they should hit a few at 7 feet down, given the fact Clovis and their decendants have been running circles around the Magic Mountain area up to 4000 years previously. The Mahaffy Cache was hit in a spot even smaller than a "windshild"...accidents happen, so where's any new news here at all?
A little Google searching provides a possible explanation for this no- news story:
"The Denver Museum of Nature and Science is digging up ancient Front Range artifacts, and you can help"
"You can be a part of uncovering and sharing human-environmental history over the last 7,000 years, if not more!"

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