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November 27, 2020, 11:44 am UTC    
June 24, 2019 10:00AM
I'll reply to those "claims", apparently translated through Google translator, so let's see...

When this person says: "Check out what Jois Mantilla has to report.... He knows."

That turns the trolls detector on, because 'Jois Mantilla' is one of the main promoters of this hoax in the Hispanic audience, by checking out his facebook account we can find posts where he attacks those who dare to debunk this hoax... but why does he do 'that'?
well, he offered his services, via twitter,at the beginning of the hoax to the well known Mexican ufologist Jaime Maussan, here is the link of that tweet:


There's not an "official peruvian debunker", there's just not. That absolutely false, there are many people against this hoax, and talking about an "official" one is absurd. This person clearly talks about Anthony Choy, who is aaaanother ufologist... so take into account the kind of characters this pal follows...

"and peruvians following this case have woken up"... well, I won't bother to answer this, it's just plain absurd and sure it-is-not-true.

"There´s also a mob waiting for our "mummy expert" to finally eat the cucaracha she promised she would"

are trolls allowed here? because by 'expert', this buddy means the renowned Peruvian Bioarchaeologist who dared to speak out against this hoax...

"i would like to warn the researches who have little understanding of ALL the factors involved in this "affaire", that their attempts to diminish its let´s say.. very probable nonhoaxity, can backfire. Only because i love you smiling smiley Just a couple a days ago, the russian journalists who proclaimed to have found the origin of the "fakery", where caught also. They tried to contact Mario but since they couldn't, they paid a "Bellas Artes" student to fake one."

hahahahah... oh jeez, this is the 'tale' that Jois Mantilla has been spreading from his facebook... oh come on, that tale has been debunked already... few days later Edward Valenzuela (another promoter of this hoax) came out with another different story where he says that this mummy was 'Petra'... so this group of guys don't seem arrange well what they are going to say... the mummy that appears in that video is Maria, there's not doubt about it, it's enough to check alien-project's website to compare Maria's measurements of her head and hands and see how it coincides with those made by the Russians, and it was obvious that Jois Mantilla were going to come out with some 'tale', because that video exposed the unadequate and terrible conditions of preservation of this mummy... no wonder its DNA is that contaminated, that video also depicts one of the first proffessionals(?) who joined the hoax: Edson Salazar Vivanco, who asks for money to the Russian journalists in order to see and make videos of the hidden mummy... so against such evidence and being exposed as a sort of 'gang'?, they surely had to come out with some improvised story for their "believers", it's clearly absurd though. Plus, the Russian journalist stated that Jois Mantilla tried to intimidate him after that video was released... well, Jois Mantilla does the dirty job of these hoaxer through his Facebook's page. He states in many of his posts that he will sue a bunch of people who dared to have an opinion against his 'case'.

oh well, better to keep a tab on this kind of post, such biased pro-ufo posts don't suit the actual conception of archaeology at all.

Have good day =]
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