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December 30, 2010 04:47AM
>>Written by people who know little to nothing of geology, Egyptology, anthropology, paleontology, astronomy, physics, and so forth.<<

Although this is not always the case, in general I agree.

>>There's not enough mass in the asteroid belt to make a planet. A planetoid of Pluto's size or smaller, perhaps, but no true planet.<<

I know about that, I didn’t say agreed with this scenario, but there still are a lot of mysterious coincidences related to members of the asteroid belt, information encoded in the pyramids.

>>A "brown dwarf" is a star... something we would easily see with the naked eye even when it was 4 or 5 light years away. It would shine with nearly the same brightness as the moon. If there was a brown dwarf out in the solar system, it would have wrecked all the planets long ago and we'd not have any life here on Earth (it would be a pile of rubble.)<<

I agree.

>>So you're claiming that people created the alphabet with a numeric code and then named things to mark the approximate arrival of a meteor... something that nobody knew about until fairly recently?<<

Yes, although I believe a numeric code existed at an older time in Egyptian hieroglyphics, and that the alphabetic and/or Phoenician ones were derived from the previous ones – with the necessary of course modifications.

>>And "Nibiru" is an Anglicized/phoenetic/best guess spelling of the name. It doesn't quite match the cuneiform.<<

Isn’t the cuneiform spelling né-bé-ru? Since we are converting to a Semitic non vowel word it makes no difference if it is actually neberu or nibiru or nebiru. In all cases is will be written nbr. But what about this:

Eris perihelion = 565 x 10^7 km
NEBIRY = 50 + 5 + 2 + 10 + 100 + 400 = 567

Looks like Nebiru as shown by its name is not getting any closer than 5,650,000,000 km from the sun. So Nebiru is in reality planet X, or planet XI if we include Ceres.



I show how the exact azimuth of Kafre – Khufu pyramid base centers define the maximum altitude of star Alntiak(the Khufu star) as seen from mount Everest at the year 2580 BC(Khufu reign).

Let’s now take this exact year at the time of Earth’s perihelion – closest distance from the sun - and look at the sky at Noon(Sun transit) positioned at Giza. We notice that the Sun is perfectly crossing the galactic plane! In front of the Phaëton chariot is the celestial scorpion – Scorpio constellation creating terror.

So it is easy to notice the similarity between time 0 or Khufu and the 2012 alignment. If one looks at the sky at Noon(Sun transit) positioned at Giza at December 21 2012(Winter Solstice) he sees the same exact thing as at November 8 2580 BC. The Sun is crossing the galactic plane. Egyptian civilization agrees with the Maya. The only difference is that the Egypt encoding is a astronomic true minimal distance relation. The Maya is an astrologic – observational one – where the sun distance over the horizon is taken.

But let’s take a better look at the Giza date. November 8 2580 BC. This is in the modern calendar system. If we convert to the Julian – old – calendar this becomes October 26 2580 BC. But this is saint Demetrius day. The name Demetrius is derived from Goddess Demeter – Ceres – asteroid belt. The Eleusinian mysteries talk about the underworld and the difference in seasons – when Apollo rules – and when he doesn’t. Let’s now compute the wordnumber value of Demetrius:

DHMHTRIOS = 4 + 8 + 40 + 8 + 300 + 100 + 10 + 70 + 200 = 740
KYKLOS(cycle) = 20 + 400 + 20 + 30 + 70 + 200 = 740

Demetrios is Jupiter’s Phaethon – perihelion. But Jupiter was called Phaethon(Hellenes) and Nibiru(Babylonians). October 26 is one day off my birthday, and I was born close to Noon. Also I read somewhere – maybe in Temple’s book that the most important Eleusinian mysteries ritual was held on October 25. Something else I picked up is a Maya God being born on October 25…

But the date November 8 is also interesting in the Christian religion. This is when the Gathering -Synaxis- of Archangels and Angels and all the celestial forces took place. Names of people celebrating on this day:

Angel, Gabriela, Gabriel, Eustratia, Metaxia, Matina, Michaela, Michael, Raphael, Taxiarhis, Stamatis, Stamatia, Stratigos.

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