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December 10, 2012 02:11PM
Bernard wrote the following in another thread [www.hallofmaat.com] that is more appropriate in the current thread:

>> With respect to any number of other claims that have been made about the historical accuracy of folk memories extending far into the past (the Noachian Flood, Native American myths about the formation of Mountains, etc.)- I don't believe them. Therefore, as far as I'm concerned, the idea that the Books of the Chilam Balam, which were written in the 17th and 18th centuries, are accurate reports of events occurring nearly 5,000 years previously is ridiculous. Further, the Chilam Balam Books are contaminated with Spanish beliefs, are written in very esoteric and metaphorical terms, and there are serious disagreements among scholars as to the accuracy of the translations.>>

Clearly Bernard did not bother to actually read my article [therealmayanprophecies.com]. My research was NOT based solely on records in the Chilam Balam. My research was based on an inscription in Temple XIX at Palenque. This inscription has a long count date associated with it. David Stuart translated this inscription and noted the long count date was equivalent to the modern date of March 9, 3309 BC. The inscription states that 11 years after this date there was a flood (~3298 BC). This has become known as the Mayan Flood Myth. A detailed discussion of this myth can be found in the Mesoweb paper entitled "The Mayan Flood Myth and the Decapitation of the Cosmic Caiman." Here's a link: [www.mesoweb.com]

Since the myth stated these events took place in the sky, I started with the hypothesis that the "cosmic caiman/crocodile" was a comet and the decapitation event was the breakup of the comet. This would make the "flood" a mega-tsunami that resulted from oceanic impacts of the comet fragments. So this was my hypothesis that I set out to find supporting evidence for.

Unlike the books of Chilam Balam which have no long count dates, the Temple XIX inscription gives us the rare opportunity to check records in other physical sciences to verify whether there really was a catastrophe around 3300 BC. And that's precisely what I did. And I found multiple lines of research that showed evidence for impact tsunamis in multiple locations around the globe in 3300 BC (Australia, North Atlantic, British Isles). The fact there were multiple tsunamis at the same time in multiple locations is consistent with a bombardment by comet fragments. Check out these links:

Mike Baille found multiple lines of evidence that a major catastrophe struck earth at this time, from tree rings to ice core signatures:


And an Ohio State professor found evidence for a very rapid climate downturn at this same time period: [researchnews.osu.edu]

So multiple lines of evidence show that SOMETHING catastrophic happened in 3300 BC. The evidence is consistent with multiple oceanic impacts of comet fragments.

So, you either have to believe the Maya picked a random date from the past and its a pure coincidence that it matches physical evidence that a catastrophe did occur on this date....or you have to admit this is more than mere coincidence and the Mayan "myth" is actually an eyewitness account of a real event.

And I made all of these discoveries BEFORE I even knew about the flood accounts in the Chilam Balam. When I read the various versions of the Chilam Balam and their accounts of the flood that occurred at the end of their last creation, the accounts were consistent with what an eyewitness to an oceanic impact event would have seen and experienced. For instance, from the Chilam Balam of Chumayel: [www.sacred-texts.com]

"Then it was that fire descended, then the rope descended, then rocks and trees descended. Then came the beating of <things> with wood and stone…After that the fatherless ones, the miserable ones, and those without husbands were all pierced through; they were alive though they had no hearts. Then they were buried in the sands, in the sea. There would be a sudden rush of water…Then the sky would fall, it would fall down upon the earth, when the four gods, the four Bacabs, were set up, who brought about the destruction of the world.”

And from the Chilam Balam of Mani:

"there was a great cataclysm, and the ages ended with a flood….fire, stones, and clubs came down…After that the evil sons and daughters were buried, although alive [they had no hearts], and those who were on the beach were buried between the waves of the sea….an avalanche of water came and…everything came to an end. It was said that four gods, four Bacabs, were the ones who destroyed the earth.”

And a description of the Bacabs from the Chilam Balam of Tizimin sounds like green fireballs:
“The four Bacabs slide to earth on the back of a green rainbow. One by one the stars fall.”
(Research on green fireballs: [cosmictusk.com] )

So the accounts in the Chilam Balams SUPPORT my hypothesis but were not the starting point for my hypothesis.

If you don't want to read my entire book you can just download the Kindle version of the chapters on my interpretation of the Mayan flood myth. It's called "Mayan Calendar Prophecies | Part 4: Cycle of Cosmic Catastrophes." I go into a lot more detail and cite all my research:


Gary Daniels
Author, "Mayan Calendar Prophecies: Predictions for 2012-2052"
Creator, LostWorlds.org, TheRealMayanProphecies.com

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Comet impact near the end of the last Mayan calendar cycle

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