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June 3, 2020, 5:38 pm UTC    
January 27, 2019 02:27PM
Hermione Wrote:
> At is posted a pdf of this lecture:
> Goldwasser, Orly
> The Alphabet as a Case of Disruptive Innovation:
> Egyptian Hieroglyphs
> as an “Old Technology”, the Ugaritic Alphabet as
> Unsuccessful
> “Improvement”, and some Emoji.
> Lecture delivered at 64th the RAI, Innsbruck,
> Austria, July 16-18, 2018.

"Mnemonic <name-form> identity" is well done and apparently quite apt. It is my belief that this later writing system borrowed very heavily from Ancient Language and "the words of the gods".

But I believe the Ancient Language was formatted entirely differently.


But the main advantage of the “expensive”, highly pictorial writing system of the
Ancient Egyptians is its multi-media essence. It simultaneously reflects and transmits many layers of additional information that go completely unnoted in an alphabetic scripts

It was this same formatting "<name-form> identity logic" that was the very basis of Ancient Language. The pictures weren't so much to tell story as to acquaint the reader with the thinking of the author. The words were logically formatted because everyone thought exactly alike and this thinking was based in a different kind of science made possible only though the fact that the language shared the same natural logic as the wiring of the brain.

We can't see this formatting directly because we don't think this way any longer. We merely see the words; the same words as the "book of the dead". We see glimpses of this formatting because the nature of thinking this way causes a rhyming of the meaning which we believe are "puns". Indeed, joking and punning are often based on language and usually disappear if all these "improvements" in writing are factored out. In other words most jokes and puns can't exist in Ancient Language. Our reaction to "puns" is rooted in the nature of our brains and the way we now think in a single dimension rather than three.

Thanks for the article. It is very well thought out and very interesting.

Man fears the pyramid, time fears man.

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eLECTURES: "... The Alphabet as a Case of Disruptive Innovation"

Hermione January 27, 2019 12:59PM

Re: eLECTURES: "... The Alphabet as a Case of Disruptive Innovation"

cladking January 27, 2019 02:27PM

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