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July 13, 2020, 3:00 pm UTC    
December 08, 2018 04:38PM
From Jorunn Økland <jorunn.okland@uib.no>

As many of you are aware, the continued operation of the Norwegian
Institute at Athens has come under question in Norway. The two
universities that legally own the institute (Universities of Oslo and
Bergen) are in the process of deciding whether to shut down the
Institute or transform it in such a way that it would cease to exist
as a viable institution. This evaluation process will be based on
different evidence, including the public and international support for
the Institute.

With this in mind, friends of the Norwegian Institute at Athens have
begun an online campaign of support for the Institute. To ensure the
broadest possible reach, especially among our colleagues, we would
like to ask you to sign the online petition and share it on your
mailing lists, institutional and personal social media. Please also
share the associated Facebook page.

The further operation of the Norwegian Institute at Athens should not
solely depend on the support from the universities of Oslo and Bergen.
Rather, we suggest a wider cooperation regarding the financing of the
Norwegian Institute at Athens. The new financing model should reflect
that the Institute’s activities and resources are open to both pupils,
students, teachers, researchers, and other professionals, from the
whole of Norway, and that the Institute is important for the cultural
exchange between Norway and Greece. The Institute should be recognised
as a national institution and become safeguarded with further funding.
The prominence of this institute should become a priority interest and
responsibility for several ministries, including the Ministry of
Education and Research, the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of
Foreign Affairs, and the Ministry of Climate and Environment.
Please sign the petition to show your support for the Norwegian
Institute at Athens!

The full petition letter:

The Facebook page, with general info, letters of support, etc.:

The official website of the Norwegian Institute at Athens:
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APPEALS: Save the Norwegian Institute at Athens!

Hermione December 08, 2018 04:38PM

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