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July 10, 2020, 3:41 am UTC    
February 09, 2020 01:17AM
After a lot of hard work, including digging around for lost images and links and references, the articles section of the Ma'at website has now been brought kicking and screaming into 2020. Over the years a lot of information online has gone missing, some of our links were dead, and somehow some of our articles had become corrupted.

Hermione has put in long hours of moving articles and digging up information that has been lost to the ravages of the internet and the movement of websites.

Thanks to Jeff for once again figuring his way through the problems!!

You'll find the links on the header to the articles and authors will now take you to the new website! Enjoy!!! There are still some tweaking to do, and we still have a few articles to add that we decided to wait until we migrated what we'd done already.

We now have the entire database of the messageboard back and the articles section updated and improved. The site can now be added to and improved further!


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Katherine Reece February 09, 2020 01:17AM

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