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May 26, 2020, 7:32 am UTC    
May 21, 2018 08:57AM
Hi all ...

One of my major discoveries was that

The Great Pyramid = sq rt of 3 (1.732050807)
The Pyramid of Khafre = Phi (1.618034)
The Pyramid of Menkarre = ... ?

Hmmm ... but we are about to erase that question mark.

We of course have seen how the fact that multiplying 4155.05027 x 36000 = EXACTLY the semi major axis of The Earth in kilometers or 149,598,261 and we have also seen how 67,237,912 miles or semi major axis of Venus when divided by Phi (1.618034) equals 41555315 or 4155.5315 and finally this one courtesy of "Adam" and his longevity. In many of my previous old diagrams I kept showing sq rt of 3 and sq rt of 5 and Phi but really failed to see exactly what the significance of it all was. Now I see it. "The Holy Triad" in my opinion is ... Square root of 3, Phi and The Square root of 5 ... observe:


Since I had already determined in my own mind that "Adam" was showing us the three inner planets I realized that 930 stood for 93,000,000 million miles and the difference between 800 and 130 or 670 stood for 67,000,000 million miles or Venus so I decide to divide 930 by sq rt of 5 and got this 415.909 and time 10 to get 4159.09 just a tad large for G3. So I decided to use actual values and divided 92,956,050 miles by the sq rt of 5 and got ... 41571209. and gives us when divided by 10,000 the value of 4157.12 and matches for 6/10ths of an inch to the south side of G3 (Petrie has it 4157.8) .

So there we have it ... The Triad is sq rt of 3, Phi and sq rt of 5

As usual nice and neat and confirmed in the very first "Man" in Genesis (130 .... 800 ..... 930)

So now we have The Pyramid of Menkarre confirming in different ways Venus and Earth, but what of Mercury ... Well ...

We had determined that The Triad was as stated above and the only one missing so far is the sq rt of 3. So let's solve for the square root of 3.

4157.1 divided by sq rt of 3 = 4157.1 / 1.73205 = 2400.00 and since we need only 1/2 of this we get ... 1200.00 ... now I say is that neat or what ? While 4157.1 x sq rt of 3 = 7200.0

Actual exact value needed is 4156.922

I am slowly starting to think perhaps G3 was done first as the template for the rest of Giza

Don Barone

Cherry Picking - If you can't debate your opponents on the substance of the issue, crush them on the minor details.

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