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July 6, 2020, 1:06 pm UTC    
March 26, 2019 09:25AM
Martin Stower Wrote:


> You will see that I am other than impressed by
> councillors who fail to do the most elementary
> research. Is public money going into this?


According to the previous BBC link (scroll down), Blackpool Council are merely providing the land - [www.bbc.co.uk]. See also Section 7 here - [democracy.blackpool.gov.uk]

Some comment from people who know the area - [coasterforce.com]

The general impression is one of a piece of land for which several projects were proposed before being abandoned for one reason or another. See also 3.3a and 3.3b, pgs. 3-4, here - [democracy.blackpool.gov.uk].

Appendix 7a is now to be found here - [democracy.blackpool.gov.uk]

Appendix 7b is here (pg 278) - [democracy.blackpool.gov.uk].

But, although briefly mentioned, Appendix 7c still not available, apparently [democracy.blackpool.gov.uk] - pg 25/PDF 30.

More from the Council website - [www.blackpool.gov.uk].

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