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January 20, 2020, 9:07 am UTC    
November 23, 2019 02:03PM
In principle I agree completely with Sharon's pointing out various problems within the Oregonian article, and others, and her insistence on using the scientific method to investigate other possibilities. However, she admitted not really having the time to do a complete investigation of the matter. This left her article with numerous errors, thus duplicating the very thing she was trying to resolve.
For instance, from her article: "near Salem, Oregon". Salem, Oregon is on the other side of the state from Silvies roughly 300 road miles away and "law enforcement officer"... "Or he may have zero expertise in this particular area." May have? It is law enforcement that receives the calls of dead animals killed on Oregon's highways, (and off-road also) while he personally may not do the actual investigating, someone in his office would and he has access to all that reported data over the years and access to other agencies who also receive the calls.

Sharon goes on: "Interestingly, Oregon Live states the ranch is owned by a veterinarian. It seems odd that little science and mostly wild speculation and assumptions pad these news stories."
The cattle and goat operations are managed as a completely separate entity from the dude/golf development. That's why the ranch is run by a manager. Since everyone else is speculating, me too! [www.banfield.com]
Campbell is so wealthy, he could donate that entire operation to charity, walk away and never even notice it was missing in his check book. It's been years since he actually fixed animals, it wouldn't surprise me one bit if Marshall even told him about the problem at first. Yes, those bulls were important and a costly loss to ranch operations, but to stay at the dude ranch, a family of 7 could spend the price of one bull in one night. Coffee I'm exaggerating, but not by much.
Sharon needed to take time to check her own factual errors or else she is coming across as no more credible than those she is reporting on.

Back to the Oregonian, notice the deflated Hereford then take a look at a photo I took about 40 miles to the Northeast of the bull deaths on September 3, 2019:
[imgur.com] Normally I go down that highway in early spring, this year I got a late start, but it would have been a great opportunity to see just how long the deterioration process took from balloon to deflated. Why? The official death time varies from a few days to 14 before the 5 bulls were found. If only a few days, I wasn't in the area, but if 14 days is real, I was and I know exactly what the weather was doing. The claims is no major lightning storms around Seneca...true, but major in that area means putting out fires. There were minor lighting storms that wouldn't necessarily have been noticed.

Get's better. That Hereford dead in the meadow is only one cow out of hundreds of Black Angus the rancher owns. One more question to add to the story, why a Hereford when Angus out-number Herefords there and at Silvies? OK, so I'm not very good at identifying cow types, but I do know black from brown, most could be some kind of mix, so now that this case is going on unsolved I'll start paying more attention.
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