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December 10, 2019, 10:28 am UTC    
September 06, 2019 08:29PM
A meteorite older than Earth shows evidence of ancient
volcanism on a long-gone protoplanet, Phil Plait, SYFY WIRE

Oldest-ever igneous meteorite contains clues to planet
building blocks. University of Arizona, August 2, 2018

Taylor, G.J., 2018. The Oldest Volcanic Meteorite: A Silica-Rich Lava
on a Geologically Complex Planetesimal. Planetary Science Research
Discoveries Report, Hawai'i Institute of Geophysics and Planetology

Some papers are:

Hoffmann, V.H., Wimmer, K., Hochleitner, R. and Kaliwoda, M., 2018,
March. Northwest Africa (NWA) 11119---Probing an Unknown Early
Planetary Body?. In Lunar and Planetary Science Conference (Vol. 49).

Srinivasan, P., Dunlap, D.R., Agee, C.B., Wadhwa, M., Coleff, D., Ziegler,
K., Zeigler, R. and McCubbin, F.M., 2018. Silica-rich volcanism in the
early solar system dated at 4.565 Ga. Nature communications, 9(1),
p.30-36. Open Access


Paul H.

"The past is never dead. It's not even past."
William Faulkner, Act 1, Scene III, Requiem for a Nun (1951)
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Meteorite older than Earth shows evidence of ancient volcanism on a long-gone protoplanet

Paul H. September 06, 2019 08:29PM

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