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March 6, 2021, 2:37 am UTC    
January 01, 2020 04:25PM
AWSX Wrote:

> In the mid 19th century passenger pigeons in North
> America numbered in the billions. Today the
> population is zero.
> [www.audubon.org]

That's just one species - and it's beyond sad: the more so as there was no bona fide biological or environmental reason why it should have happened, apart from the thoughtlessness of a particular life-form that failed to use the intelligence that was its birthright. With Pokagon, one despairs ... Thankfully, the dickcissel seems to have been snatched back from the very brink of destruction. Buti s it really a good idea to try and do a Jurassic Park on the passenger pigeon - well, not even the original passenger pigeon, but a sort of regurgitated hybrid?

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Hermione January 01, 2020 04:25PM

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