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July 08, 2020 08:25PM
The 20th Century's Greatest Volcanic Eruption:
Mt Katmai 100 Years Later, USGS, July 2, 2012

Mount Katmai description and information, Alaska
Volcano Observatory - below web pages have PDFs of papers

Some PDFs of papers are:

Carrara, A., Burgisser, A. and Bergantz, G.W.,
2020. The architecture of an intrusion in magmatic
mush. Preprint, eartharxiv-org

Eichelberger, J.C. and Izbekov, P.E., 2000. Eruption
of andesite triggered by dyke injection: contrasting
cases at Karymsky Volcano, Kamchatka and
Mt Katmai, Alaska. Philosophical Transactions of the
Royal Society of London. Series A: Mathematical,
Physical and Engineering Sciences, 358(1770), pp.1465-1485.

Tibaldi, A. and Bonali, F.L., 2017. Intra-arc and back-arc
volcano-tectonics: Magma pathways at Holocene
Alaska-Aleutian volcanoes. Earth-Science Reviews,
167, pp.1-26.

Ward, P.L. and Matumoto, T., 1967. A summary of
volcanic and seismic activity in Katmai National
Monument, Alaska. Bulletin Volcanologique, 31(1),


Paul H.

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The 20th Century's Greatest Volcanic Eruption: Mt Katmai, Alaska, 100 Years Later

Paul H. July 08, 2020 08:25PM

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