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July 23, 2020 09:35AM
Yoshida, H., Ujihara, A., Minami, M., Asahara, Y.,
Katsuta, N., Yamamoto, K., Sirono, S.I., Maruyama,
I., Nishimoto, S. and Metcalfe, R., 2015. Early post-
mortem formation of carbonate concretions
around tusk-shells over week-month timescales.
Scientific reports, 5, no. 14123. Open access

Nagoya University PDF link

Researchgate PDF link

More papers by Ippei Maruyama

More papers by Hidekazu Yoshida

Related papers:

Yoshida, H., Yamamoto, K., Minami, M., Katsuta,
N., Sin-ichi, S. and Metcalfe, R., 2018. Generalized
conditions of spherical carbonate concretion
formation around decaying organic matter in
early diagenesis. Scientific reports, 8(1), pp.1-10. Open access

Another PDF link for paper

Researchgate PDF link

Yoshida, H., Asahara, Y., Yamamoto, K., Katsuta, N.,
Minami, M. and Metcalfe, R., 2019. 87 Sr/86 Sr age
determination by rapidly formed spherical carbonate
concretions. Scientific reports, 9(1), pp.1-7. Open access

Researchgate PDF link

Publisher Correction

More papers by Hidekazu Yoshida


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Fossil-bearing concretion formation over week-month timescales

Paul H. July 23, 2020 09:35AM

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