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November 21, 2007 08:38PM
The ben-ben stone pre-dates all pyramids, thus the shape as an Icon for the sun
cult in Heliopolis was well established by the time the 4th dynasty appeared.
It’s hard to find material on the solar cult stone Icon; so far the best I can
find is given by I.E.S. Edwards and M. Lehner’s explanation. Both of whom leave
much to be desired.

In the case of Lehner’s explanation I have a problem, maybe you do to:

Lehner explains that the ben-ben is a miniature of the pyramid and thus
represents the scaled pyramid because used as a capstone it has the same angle
(slope) as the pyramid it was intended for. Using Amenemhet III’s capstone
(pyramidion) which is the oldest and most intact with writing on it, he proceeds
to explain the meaning of the relief artwork and hieroglyphs found on it:

Relief’s in order top to bottom

1. Winged solar disk (Re)

2. Pair of Wedjat eyes (sees)

3. Three nefer signs (beauty)

4. Name and titles of Amenemhet on either side of a disk (Amenemhet III)

Lehner states the work reads; ‘Amenemhet III beholds the beauty of Re’.

The problem I have with this read is that (1) hieroglyphs AFAIK normally read
top to bottom (2) using the numbers I placed before each line the order he uses
is - 4, 2, 3, and 1.

However, if you read them properly top-bottom they read ‘Re beholds (sees) the
beauty of Amenemhet III’ ~ 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Moreover Lehner states that the wedjat eyes are actually those of Amenemhet III
(how he determines this I can’t tell) and then makes the leap that this ben-ben
capstone, thus the entire pyramid, is the embodiment of Amenemhet III because of
the eyes with no other explanation other than citing the name of one of
Sneferu’s pyramids and Khafre’s pyramid names, as if these had similar stones
with writing?? The capstone found by Stadelmann at the North Dahshur Red
pyramid has no relief or hieroglyphs on it calling it the gleaming or shinning
pyramid etc...

Why would he take such liberties with the ben-ben reliefs? Am I wrong with my
analysis? Do you have an opinion?

The top to bottom read seems to me more accurate considering the stone is atop
the pyramid where it is closer to the sun (Re), and correct me if I am wrong,
but where are the synonymous styles of text that correlate ‘The King beholds the
beauty of Re’. On the other hand, ‘Re beholds (sees) the beauty of the King’
seems more in line with text composition.

Best Regards,

B.A. Hokom
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