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April 12, 2019 04:21PM
Hi All,

By all available evidence the Ancient Egyptians were unable to subdivide a cubit rod to our current standards of accuracy. Which begs the question for any and all: What evidence leads anyone to believe or assume any surveyed as built dimension are the intended dimensions of G1 by Ancient Egyptian architects and builders? What information, other than opinion, is available indicative of G1 surveyed dimensions were the intended of the builders accurate to any of the surveys dimensions? Isn't this an assumption, like saying the pyramid are built free of the inevitable building errors which always occur between intended and as built dimensions on a structure the size and scope of the pyramid?

Rudolf Gantenbrink makes an excellent point as he states: “An example will make this clear. A present-day architect is hardly likely to plan a house from the start which is 20.63 m long and 10.95 m wide but if we follow the rules of logic will initially have a house of 11 by 20 meters in mind. Even if a whole-number criterion of this kind could not be put into practice on structural grounds, the first mental step is nonetheless always in whole figures. When I find whole-number values in a structure, they must essentially be regarded as primary construction steps to which the non-whole-number, secondary construction steps are subordinate.
This means that the mean of the longest sections to be assumed as whole-number (in the case of the Cheops Pyramid, the pyramid base) is divided by the value that the builder aimed for. Since the master builder of the Cheops Pyramid will hardly have laid out the base as 439 x 439 or 441 x 441 cubits, we must assume that the basic dimension he had in mind was 440 x 440 cubits,”

If the measured south side casing base, by Petrie survey, is 9069.5 inches, or by Dash survey 9070.3 inches or the Cole survey 9073 inches. which one would be the intended of the Ancient Egyptians and why?


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