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May 16, 2019 11:47AM
Excellent material waggy, well written, well research with plentiful images. Outstanding

I did like your conclusion too

""Whatever the method of construction for the lower chambers and passage, be it like the two great pit sites, or shafts and tunnels as I suggest in this paper; it is quite clear that an immense amount of exploration is still required at the Bent pyramid. Too much certainty has been written about this structure, be it 60 degree pyramids, settlement, changes of plans etc, and all based on a poorly explored structure. Surely we owe it to the great Egyptian builders to thoroughly explore their immense efforts; but as I have said many times in previous guides, architectural
study is a low priority for Egyptology, and it’s hard to see how this state of affairs
can improve. Thankfully our knowledge of the Bent Pyramid is slowly beginning to improve, thanks to the good work of the Isida Project, and others, such as Colin Reader, who has been fortunate to look inside: though much work remains to be done.

Over 130 years ago, Petri
e would comment, “
This part, like the rest of this Pyramid, needs far more

Hopefully, we will not have to wait a further century before this examination begins.""

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Bent pyramid

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Re: Bent pyramid

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Re: Bent pyramid: Subsidence?

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Re: Bent pyramid: Subsidence?

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