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May 22, 2019 11:07AM
Well done again.

I did a website on the Bent Pyramid for review by this forum circa 2010.

My theory was based on Petrie's theory who regarded the base side length as 360 cubits, the level of the bend as 90 cubits, and the slope above the bend as seked of 7 and 1/2 palms which is a rise of 28 digits for a run of 30 digits.

Petrie regarded the slope below the bend as the tangent of 10/7 which I think was the intended slope at the outset, but that the slope was changed on unfinished sections to try to reduce it very slightly to the seked of 5 palms at the very same time the decision was made to abandon the steep sided true pyramid for a so-called Bent Pyramid, although the upper section may be regarded as a true pyramid on a frustum.

In my model the perimeter at the level of the bend is exactly 360 times 72 digits or 25,920 digits.

The original design with a tangent of 10/7 has an angle from the vertical of 35 degrees and a circle with a circumference of 25,920 palms has an arc of 360 cubits for an angle of 35 degrees, so both the original design and the revised design incorporated the number 25,920 according to my theory.

A recent modern structural survey concluded the Bent Pyramid was nearly perfect with no sign of subsidence from the exterior, but I think I read that there were once large cedar beams to prop up the interior as if cracks had appeared with the fear of structural collapse.

It may also be that the prospect of completing the pyramid at such a steep angle as 10/7 turned out to be more difficult than expected leading to a revised design.

The pyramid could have been completed at the angle of the upper section by extending the lower section at a shallow angle the same as the top section so as to complete the first huge true pyramid, assuming the pyramid at Meidum had not been converted at that time, but a decision was made to build a second pyramid at Dahshur, the so-called Red Pyramid, at a shallow angle.

In my opinion the satellite pyramid of the Bent Pyramid projects a circle with a circumference of 360 cubits within the base of the Bent Pyramid.

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