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May 23, 2019 10:48AM
Hi all,

Many thanks for your comments, would respond sooner but so busy.
I refrain from mathematical models on the Bent, as there is no accurate internal survey to test possible models. The structure has been laser scanned inside and out, and its possible that an accurate survey could be published from such data sets,by someone who could get access to such data. I have a model that links a lot of the interior and exterior design together, that rather suggests that the structure was a coherent design from the start; two well planned chamber/passage systems, and not some change of plan. The design links in well with what we see in the Red and in Khufu's pyramid; however, testing such models is not possible, until accurate reliable data is published. This goes for the Red as well, were l suspect Dorner's survey is correct, in that the chambers are placed above base and not at base level, as most publications suggest(but it would be good for a second survey to confirm).

On the subject of casing and subsidence, we have growing evidence of the structural soundness of the exterior.and there will be an interesting documentary on it later this year. The Bent has been bedevilled with claims of settlement, since Perring first brought it up. From the evidence l have, l would tend to agree with Petrie's view on the passage junction.The cedar beams in the upper chamber, appear to have been fitted after the dressing of the upper chamber. Where the massif has been removed the walls appear relatively smooth, as do the surviving corbel elements. The walls were exposed show no cracks and the damaged ceiling is still structurally sound. There is much work to do on the Bent, we hardly know more than from Perrings day; sadly l cannot see the detailed examination of the structure taking place in my life time.

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