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July 02, 2019 02:19AM
It is an odd thing that Porcelli says the internal scans shows no voids, and then says that the above ground scans do, though going by the data published these two voids are not directly connected to KV62, by a corridor for instance. I presume his use of the word connected implies that he thinks these voids are associated with KV62 in that if the larger one is a tomb, it is for an Amarna personality. But how can he or anybody know that, well they can't, unless Ra Ta has appeared to them in a dream and whispered the "secrets of the ancients" to them....

With a large chunk of Tutankhamun's burial goods having been originally for Nefertiti as Ankhkheperure Neferneferuaten, I'm not sure if we should, even at the most optimistic, think that we will find her right by KV62 at all, and certainly not a "wonderful things" tomb. I'm not sure we would even find Ankhesenamun there in her own tomb. Who is left, Smenkhkare?, but I'm not counting any chickens until they are hatched.
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Searching for Nefertiti's tomb

Hermione July 01, 2019 04:20PM

Re: Searching for Nefertiti's tomb

Rebby July 02, 2019 01:12AM

Re: Searching for Nefertiti's tomb

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Re: Searching for Nefertiti's tomb

Roxana Cooper July 04, 2019 08:16AM

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