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August 17, 2019 01:03AM
Pistol Wrote:
> Many have posted on the topic. I thought I might
> ask a few questions.
> Seked; run to rise provides slope.
> In regards to G1, since that seems to be a well
> documented example of Seked employ, ...

All pyramids employ the seked. The seked is determined by the dimensions of the pyramid. What you seem to be following is Gay Robins' quarter-palm seked model, which says that the sekeds of all the pyramids are in increments of 1/4 palms. This is clear in the cases of Khufu's and Khafre's pyramids, but there are several exceptions, most notably Unas' pyramid. It is generally accepted as having a gradient of 3:2, thus a seked of 2/3 cubit, or 4 + 2/3 palms.

Even the Rhind Math Papyrus does not support Robins' rigid model. RMP 56 uses a pyramid with height 250c and semibase 180c, hence seked 18/25 cubit, or 5 + 1/25 palms.

> However as you move to a point along the base from
> the midpoint, say 10 cubits south of the western
> base side, the triangle formed by this new point
> and the pyramid apex will have a different Seked.
> Because the base (finished) was square as you move
> to a base corner from the midpoint of a side the
> Seked changes dramatically, the corner provides a
> Seked of 7 palms 1 digit.

> ... the difference in slope of the face (midpoint) and
> corner respective is 51.89 to 42.09 or roughly 10 degrees.

That's not how the seked works. The seked of the pyramid is based on the semibase:height ratio. The seked was simply a means of getting the slope right so that the correct height was achieved.

As it turns out, the corner edge slope of Khufu's pyramid was very close to 9:10, but the architect/builders would not have been interested in the seked or slope of the corner edge. The 9:10 slope is simply a coincidence which follows from the fact that 99/70 is a close approximation to sqrt2.

The only possible case of their use or knowledge of the corner edge slope was the Bent pyramid lower portion. Its corner edge slope is 1:1, on account of the pyramid's profile triangle having a gradient close to sqrt2:1. (Actually, its slope is 10:7, and does not conform to Robins' quarter-palm seked model.)

Hail Atlantis.
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