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March 30, 2020, 6:26 pm UTC    
August 06, 2019 10:07AM
Oh great, it's Dominique Goerlitz again - one of the two idiots who "took samples from" (i.e., vandalized) an inscription in the Vyse chamber in 2013. Perhaps that's why they're going to Crete and not Egypt; I think Goerlitz may still be persona non grata in Egypt.

I wrote about that incident at the time - [www.skepticink.com] - and note that I mention an excellent thread on HoM.

This is not Goerlitz's first attempt to sail in an Egyptian-style boat; his previous effort, Abora III, fell apart in mid-Atlantic.

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Sea-worthy Egyptian ships?

Hermione August 05, 2019 03:03PM

Re: Sea-worthy Egyptian ships?

Rebby August 06, 2019 10:07AM

Re: Sea-worthy Egyptian ships?

Hermione August 06, 2019 10:20AM

Re: Sea-worthy Egyptian ships?

Hermione August 06, 2019 10:49AM

Re: Sea-worthy Egyptian ships?

Kanga August 23, 2019 12:35AM

Re: Sea-worthy Egyptian ships?

Byrd August 06, 2019 06:58PM

Re: Sea-worthy Egyptian ships?

Hans August 08, 2019 09:32PM

And away they go ...

Hermione August 20, 2019 02:33PM

Re: And away they go ...

Byrd August 21, 2019 09:18PM

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