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November 05, 2019 01:03PM
Ian Onvlee: “I will also not refer to any pyramid as of this or that king or dynasty, as it isn’t at all that certain who built it. Although I eventually discovered and can prove beyond a doubt who did build them, I will not yet reveal it for the purpose of suspense.”

If Ian Onvlee is to “prove beyond a doubt” that the largest pyramid at Giza was not built for Khufu in Dyn. 4, but for an early dynastic king (Djet?), he needs to explain why Khufu’s throne and Horus names are found in the ‘relieving spaces’ above the sarcophagus chamber, discovered by Howard-Vyse in 1837. Some authors claim that Vyse forged these – he had possible motive, the means, and opportunity, but claiming that he actually did forge them is highly speculative as there is no real supporting evidence.

Applied with a reed brush and red ochre in a simpler form of regular hieroglyphs known as cursive hieroglyphs, some of Khufu’s names are a part of ‘crew’ names - various gangs of workmen involved in the construction of Khufu’s pyramid:

The crew, 'Khufu's companions' (apr(w) xwfw smrw)

The crew, 'the pure ones of Horus Medjedu' (aprw Hr mDdw wab)

The crew, 'Horus Medjedu - the one who purifies the two lands' (apr(w) Hrw mDdw tAwy)

The crew, 'The white crown of Khnumkhufu is pure' (apr(w) Hdt xnm-xwfw sxm(t)).

The crew names written in cursive hieroglyphs are consistent in style with Khufu’s names also written in cursive hieroglyphs, on papyri fragments discovered in 2013 – the logbook / journal of inspector Merer who, amongst other responsibilities, transported Tura limestone to Khufu’s Akhet.

Ian Onvlee: “Not many people know it, but there is a pyramid further south along the Nile that does contain the cartouches of Khufu. This pyramid stands at El-Lisht, near Meidum, and has no associated pharaoh, although some have thought of King Seankhare, Nebtaire, and Amenemhat I. Strangely enough, although this pyramid contains many cartouches of Khufu in the related temple complex, their existence has been interpreted as the result of pillage from the Great Pyramid, which is absurd, considering the total lack of inscriptions in any of the three Giza pyramids and their satellite. There is no evidence whatsoever anywhere in the Great Pyramid or the causeway or the temple complexes from where these cartouches could have come. Under normal scientific scrutiny such inscriptions would automatically have instead led Egyptologists to assign the El-Lisht pyramid to this pharaoh. The pyramids of Dashur and Meidum have been assigned to Khufu’s father Snefru on much weaker grounds! But here it was maintained that the owner had plundered the stones of the Great Pyramid, although the Great Pyramid itself did not contain any cartouche of Khufu!”

Amenemhat I’s mortuary complex was named ‘Beautiful Height of Amenemhat’ - located at Lisht, the ancient Itjtawy (‘Amenemhat the seizer of the Two Lands’) which was the new capital city of ancient Egypt.

Ian Onvlee fails to mention that names of kings other than Khufu were also inscribed on stone blocks reused in the complex that were taken from Dyn 4 - 6 royal mortuary complexes built around 500 – 600 years earlier. “The core of the pyramid turned out to be an almost inexhaustible source of such material.” The majority of the reused inscribed stone blocks came from the interior core of the pyramid and foundations of Amenemhat’s temple, and were taken from the mortuary complexes of Khufu, Khafra, Unas and possibly Pepi II.

Herodotus mentioned that the causeway leading up to ‘Khufu’s Ahket’ “was made of polished stone, complete with carvings of various figures” - many of the reused inscribed blocks found at Lisht probably came from parts of Khufu’s causeway and valley temple.

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