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November 22, 2019 10:20AM
I find it interesting, some of you might not, but there is an interesting element not touched upon... you never see the future kings name referenced anywhere until he becomes the king, where as its quite the opposite for their siblings. a case in point; when menkaure died he had at least four other brothers (sons of Khafre) and we see their names but never Menkaure's name with his father or mother... this is true throughout the Old Kingdom (I think). And it was menkaure's sister Khentkaus' son's shepsekaf and then userkaf that bridged the 4th and 5th dynasty. Im wondering, big wonder, if kings were chosen at birth, that it wasn't necessarily the continuity of father - son but more based on the maternal influence so that at least by the end of the 4th and early 5th dynasty you actually had brother follow brother whom were not sons of a king but related to the royal line via their mother. anyway just thinking out the idea, anybody want to throw in please do...


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Kings name

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