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December 11, 2019 11:00AM
Hi Kanga,

The hieroglyph used for the "cubit-area" measure is the same forearm used to denote 1 cubit, so there were some differences early on about this - there is a subtle difference though the biscept above the elbow of the forearm is wider for the area measure verses the cubit measure. so area measure is divided, one group into cubit-areas and another into Setats or Aroura's... so h3 = 1000 cubit-areas or 10 st3t (Setat).

1 'ta' is equal to 100 square cubits, which even though it has the same total area it is a 10 x 10 cubit square, not a strip 1 cubit wide and 100 cubit long... the latter is called a 'khet' (1 x 100 cubit strip of land)... thus 8 khet = 800 cubit-area either 8 strips end to end or any variant using 8 - 1 x 100 strips, i.e., 8 cubits x 100 cubits, and so 8 'ta' or 8 - 10 x 10 squares, which has the same area can't be substituted for 8 khet.



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