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December 12, 2019 02:31PM
Pistol: “Hi all I'm trying to find all the names of Early-dynastic, Old Kingdom/MK area measures…”

“The common unit of area was the setat or square khet for which the Greek word aurora is often used as a translation. For smaller areas the setat was progressively halved, and special signs were used in the RMP for a half, quarter and eighth of a setat, which presumably had special names. In practice a setat was also considered to be divisible into narrow strips 1 khet long and 1 cubit wide, so that an area of land less than a setat consisted of so many fractions of a setat, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, and so many cubit strips. For large areas of land a 10x multiple of the setat was used, corresponding to 1000 cubit-strips (about 2.75 hectares).” (Robins and Shute, 1987: 13-14)

Setat (sTAt): S29 (s) V13 (T) V2 (sTA) X1 (t) + Det. N37

Mentioned in the PTs:

“Pepi Neferkare has demanded his requirement as ruler: two arouras [of land ... ].” N 31 (PT 627A) Sethe Vol. 2: 429; §1776c

(2 sTAt: about 5.5 hectares)

“The countryside shall live and arouras shall be made for them, that you may farm barley and farm emmer.” N 519 (PT 685) Sethe Vol. 2: 503; §2070a

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