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December 08, 2019 03:56PM
Thanks for that

If my model is correct, of which I am convinced, but probably not yet sufficiently well developed to convince those with entrenched views, then I think your summary is likely to be the starting point for a correct interpretation if not also the finishing point.

There is a possibility of a more fanciful interpretation because latent in Khufu's sarcophagus are at least two model spheres, so I wondered if the sphere of the open sarcophagus represented the horizon of the earth and the larger sphere of the sealed sarcophagus represented the broader horizon of the heavens above.

There is only one horizon, but is it possible that the ancient mind imagined two horizons from a geocentric view of the universe?

Khufu may have imagined travelling with the sun-god, so the closure of the lid of his sarcophagus may have been seen as opening the door to a bright new horizon.

The king may have connected the evening of his life to the beginning of a new life in the celestial sphere, so your view coupled with article just posted by Hermione may have relevance to the design of Khufu's sarcophagus.


There is a French quotation:
''Happy is the man who can connect the evening of his life to beginning'' to which it seems appropriate to add 'and seen in both a bright new horizon'.

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