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August 15, 2020, 5:21 pm UTC    
December 09, 2019 09:03AM
Mark Heaton Wrote:


> I
> wondered if the sphere of the open sarcophagus
> represented the horizon of the earth and the
> larger sphere of the sealed sarcophagus
> represented the broader horizon of the heavens
> above.
> There is only one horizon, but is it possible that
> the ancient mind imagined two horizons from a
> geocentric view of the universe?
> Khufu may have imagined travelling with the
> sun-god, so the closure of the lid of his
> sarcophagus may have been seen as opening the door
> to a bright new horizon.

Well: perhaps in a metaphorical sense, in the minds of some of the onlookers.

However, reiterating the argument from Janák:


From a cosmological point of view, the
horizon (e.g., akhet) played a very important
role in the process of becoming an akh.
Although it mainly represented the junction of
cosmic realms (the earth, the sky, and the
netherworld), the horizon was a region in
itself (Leprohon 1994). The akhet was believed
to be the place of sunrise, hence the place of
birth, renewal, and resurrection, and,
moreover, it was considered a region where
divine and super-human beings dwelt and
from whence they could venture forth (Allen
1989: 17 - 21; Friedman 1981: 68 - 69;
JansenWinkeln 1996: 203 - 205). Thus, the horizon
represented the very place of “birth” or
“creation” of the akhu (Allen 1994: 27; Hays
2009: 209 - 212; Pyramid Text §§ 152, 350,
585, 621, 636, 1046, 1261). In the Book of the
Dead, the blessed dead were denoted as “those
who dwell in the horizon” (Chapters 15 and

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