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August 8, 2020, 9:54 am UTC    
December 09, 2019 01:12PM
Mark Heaton Wrote:
> The Great Pyramid was called Khufu’s Horizon as
> the tomb of the king.
> Its square base had sides of 440 cubits and the
> design height was 280 cubits, as determined by
> W.M.F. Petrie in 1881-82.
> The triangular cross-sections dividing the sides
> are equal to the area of virtual circles with a
> diameter of 280 cubits by taking Pi as 22/7. These
> circles may be regarded as outlining a huge
> virtual sphere.
> C.P. Smyth, the Astronomer Royal for Scotland, had
> measured the sarcophagus in 1865, and observed
> that its internal volume corresponds to a sphere
> with a diameter of 2½ cubits. W.M.F. Petrie
> confirmed that this was the case.
> It is now observed that the internal diagonal of 4
> cubits equates to 112 digits, and that the
> hypothetical sphere has a diameter of 280/112
> cubits corresponding to an elegant scale model of
> the huge virtual sphere.
> Is there any Egyptological reason why Khufu's
> pyramid may have been regarded as a sphere?
> For example, does the design of the pyramid
> reflect the emergence of the sun from a primordial
> mound of earth at the dawn of life?
> Alternatively, did Khufu expect to rise to the
> celestial sphere rather than to just the sun?
> Mark

It has been noted (again I think by Petrie) that the sarcophagus is relatively roughly made, although the errors are not as great as suggested by Edwards, probably through missing Petrie’s decimal points (which is what used to happen before the convention of prepending a 0 to the point was adopted): so errors of 0.1 inch, not 1 inch.

This still counts I suppose against the sarcophagus being an accurate representation of anything.

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