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December 14, 2019 02:11PM
It has longed seemed likely to me that the Egyptian calendar date of 2782 BC (back calculated from AD 139) and the position of Alpha Draconis (extremely close to the pole of the sky) at that date meant that the inception of the Egyptian calendar was on the day that Sirius rose heliacally, and that this event coincided with the construction of Khufu's Horizon because the Egyptian cycle of 309 months in 25 calendar years and a cycle of 1460 years are latent in by far the most remarkable pyramid ever built.

If so then the alignment of the Great Pyramid to due north did not require any method more complicated than attempting to align the pyramid to the pole of the sky. Khufu's pyramid was the most precisely built pyramid so it is not unexpected that it is the most precisely aligned to due north, but this would explain why other pyramids built before and after the Great Pyramid seem to be less and less perfect in alignment.

By the way, the number of days in an Egyptian month can be calculated, most precisely so, from ratios of dimensions in the so-called Queen's Chamber of the Great Pyramid.

From Petrie's measurements the number of days is (A/L) x (C/D)

A = maximum length into niche of 365 digits

L = wall to wall length of 309 digits

C = displacement of niche from centre of chamber at floor level = 34 digits

D = lean-in of East Wall as projected to peak of chamber = 34/25 digits

The west wall slopes in at the the same angle as the east wall (14 arc minutes as Petrie).

The cross-section of the chamber is part of a virtual triangle with a height of 1460 cubits and base of 12 cubits (336 digits) below the floor of the Queen's Chamber.

I promoted this triangle at the second British Egyptological Conference in 2008 with the base of the triangle potentially representing 2770 BC.

Unfortunately I found a reference to the heliacal rising of Sirius in the ninth year of the reign of Menkaure, so estimated the age of the pyramid as 2840 BC prior to being reliably informed that the translation of an inscription in the nineteenth century was incorrect.

Therefore I abandoned this dating theory which then allowed a date of 2770 BC to be regarded as a likely date.

Sirius rose heliacally 94 days after the vernal equinox in 2770 BC so close to mid-summer's day.

Sirius had a cycle of 365.249 days which shifted from the calendar year of 365 days by precisely 10 days ever 40 calendar years so kept in phase with a perceived cycle of ''40 calendar years and 10 days'' in 40 solar years, and 1461 calendar years of 365 days in 1460 solar years of 365.25 days.

Khufu's statue stood on a level of about 2652 BC in my model but I prefer the pole star theory.


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