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March 2, 2021, 1:31 am UTC    
January 18, 2020 07:34AM
Jim Alison Wrote:

> ‘The area of one square royal cubit is double
> the area of one square remen. The linear measure
> of one royal cubit is equal to the linear measure
> of the remen times the square root of two.
> Evidence suggests that the remen was the original
> measure, from which the royal cubit was derived.

I disagree.

The double remen, approx. 10 palms, equivalent to rt2, is discovered first, as the diagonal of a 1c square. Quartering the 1c square gives us the remen, approx. 5 palms, as the half-diagonal. The double remen is equivalent to rt2 while the remen is equivalent to 1/rt2, or rt2/2.

We know from the diagonals of various pyramids, as well as the 154c level, the KC floor level and the KCS design in the Great Pyramid, that they knew both 99/70 and 140/99 for rt2, and by implication, 77/90 and 99/140 for 1/rt2.

PS. Hermoine, where's that square root sign you were working on? grinning smiley

Hail Atlantis.
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