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September 06, 2016 01:24AM
Although Epiphany is celebrated in different countries differently, what is common is the date for all Christians that follow the Julian calendar. The main reason that the Gregorian calendar was used is so that there could be astronomical corrections for the lost period a 365.25 day calendar creates. But it seems here that it is the Julian calendar that is correct, or that in a divine way, these astronomic differences have been taken into account.

Take for example the 13 day difference between the calendars. The day that Christians flowing the Julian calendar celebrate the passing of Saint Spyridon(December 12) coincides with the day (13+12 = 25 December) that Christians following the Gregorian calendar celebrate Christmas today! On the other hand, the day that Christians following the Julian calendar celebrate Christmas today (December 25) coincides with the day (13+25 = 7 January) that Christians flowing the Gregorian calendar celebrate the passing of Saint John! So there is an exact 13 day difference between these days:

Saint Spyridon <-> Christmas <-> Saint John

It's like our epoch that incorporates this 13 days difference is divinely linked to these Saints. This seems to imply that it is during this eon that the End of Days will take place.

Double 13 and you will have the Hebrew value for Yahweh (Tetragrammaton)

IEFE = 10+5+6+5 = 26

Other interesting factors that link the encoding mentioned in the previous code to Saint Spyridon and not Nickolas is his name adding up to the perimeter of Khafre's pyramid in royal cubits.

SPYRIDON = 200+80+400+100+10+4+800+50 = 1644
Khafre pyramid perimeter = 411+411+411+411 = 1644 royal cubits

Also, being born in a cave. wiki:


In the 2nd century, Justin Martyr stated that Jesus had been born in a cave outside the town, while the Protoevangelium of James described a legendary birth in a cave nearby.
According to one ancient Greek tradition, Zeus was born in a cave on the outskirts of mount Dikte, Crete.
The fact is though that the latitude of the Diktaion cave of Crete is the same as the birthplace of Saint Spyridon in Cyprus.

Assia latitude (wiki) = 35.159 degrees North
Diktaion cave latitude = 35.163 degrees North


Some believe that the name of the village comes from "Askia" which in Greek means "without any shade" and refers to the fact that there were very few trees in the area in and around Asha and therefore a lack of shade.

This reminds us of the other place where according to tradition Zeus was born - the Lycaion mountain of Arcadia, mainland Greece(Peloponnese).

Pausanias, Description of Greece, Arcadia



424 MOUNT LYCAEUS bk. viii. arcadia

6 5- Of the wonders of Mount Lycaeus the greatest is this.
There is a precinct of Lycaean Zeus on the mountain and people
are not allowed to enter it ; but if any one disregards the rule
and enters, he cannot possibly live more than a year. It is also
said that inside the precinct all creatures, whether man or beast,
cast no shadows ; and, therefore, if his quarry takes refuge in the
precinct, the huntsman will not follow it, but waits outside, and
looking at the beast he sees that it casts no shadow. Now, at
Syene, on the frontier of Ethiopia, so long as the sun is in the
sign of Cancer, shadows are cast neither by trees nor animals ; but
in the precinct on Mount Lycaeus the same absence of shadow may
be observed at all times and seasons.

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