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September 10, 2016 11:36AM
The principal feast in the Christian calendar is Easter Day, and the date on which it should fall was calculated in Egypt in the early days of Christianity.

On my desk, next to me, happens to be a copy of Bede's s ecclesiastical history of the English people translated into English from Bede's Latin text.

Easter was calculated from the date of Passover, which celebrated the Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt.

Bede was an expert on the calculation of the date of Easter which is the first Sunday following the first full moon after the Spring equinox.

We know that Moses learned 'all the wisdom of the Egyptians' but the Israelites had already developed their own calendar at the time Moses led the Exodus.

The Great Pyramid was built long before the birth of Christ, which does not preclude a prophetical connection to Christ, as many have supposed. Christmas Day was not defined with reference to regular astronomical events, but to the star of wonder that rested over Bethlehem, so it appears that we are not intended to calculate a particular date.

The birth of Christ, from which our calendar is reckoned as AD 2016, and the date of 25 December, are not claimed as certain facts by most Christians. Indeed arguing over a particular date wouldn't seem to be meaningful bearing in mind all the changes in the calendar since the Julian calendar.

Perhaps the important fact is that a date has been agreed on so that Christians can celebrate Christmas on the same day everywhere in the world. Similarly, that was an important aspect of the date of Easter, and one of the reasons that Bede was concerned about proper calculation.

Are you attempting to make out that Greece was very special in the plan of God?

Many have hoped that their own nation was more important than other gentile nations, including the British Israelites who thought themselves descended from one of the lost tribes of Israel.

In the New Testament there is neither Jew nor Greek, slave or free, according to Saint Paul, a Roman citizen, who wrote several New Testament books in Greek. I think this meant that there is no order of precedence in the Christian faith by virtue of nationality or status. Saint Mark was an Egyptian Jew who took the Gospel to Egypt, but was martyred in Alexandria.

There are hundreds of references to Egypt in the Old Testament, and Christ was taken to Egypt from Bethlehem, but I can't find any reference to the Great Pyramid in the Bible, or any reason to suppose that prophecy may be hidden in secret dimensions in pyramid inches.

My research has led me to suppose that 40 solar years was encoded in the Great Pyramid in lunar months, and I note that a period of forty years is mentioned many times in the Old Testament. But some Hebrew scholars have noted that forty years may be like our 'umpteen years'. I'm not sure.

If some feature of the Great Pyramid emerges as prophetical then perhaps it could be regarded as one of the signs and wonders that are to appear on Earth in the 'Last Days'. This idea was ridiculed as 'the religion of the Great Pyramid' in the nineteenth century.

Piazzi Smyth, who promoted such ideas, was buried under a pyramid shaped stone, but the pyramid stone was surmounted by a cross. He promoted John Taylor's Christian view of the Great Pyramid. John Taylor (1781 - 1864) attempted to recover a lost leaf in world history, and was the first to promote the Great Pyramid as a sign from God.

From Taylor's preface to his book on the Great Pyramid:
'there was no need that the information which it contains should form any portion of the Hebrew Scriptures, since all the particulars relating to man's salvation are complete without it; and as to the heathen records, the earliest of the Greek historians did not live till more than 1500 years after the Great Pyramid is supposed to have been built.'

John Taylor's scholarly work was self published, but was re-published by Cambridge University Press in 2014.

Your attempt to fuse Christianity with Greek mythology and the pyramids doesn't seem to have any purpose that I can comprehend.


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