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April 09, 2018 07:47AM
I need some help in determining what the problem is at Medium. There seems to be a a glaring error in Petrie's measurements of the enclosure wall. I will post a diagram I have done using Petie's data as written in his book "Meidum" [archive.org]

Here is my diagram:

An image for clarity ... note that 9303.5 is average of 9307 and 9300 and 5684.75 is average of 5694.5 and 5675

In Petrie's notes he said he took the measurements to the wall from the center of each side of the pyramid with North side being 2203 and south side being 1393 and I went on to find all kinds of seemingly brilliant things but there is one major problem ... the measurements can't be 2203 and 1393. Why ? Because the longest side is 5694.5 inches and 5694.5 + 2203 + 1393 = 9290.5 so even using the longest side (when we should be using the center of the pyramid and thus making it much worse) we can't get the pyramid and the measurements to add up to 9300.00 . Even using the longest side of the pyramid we are out about 10 inches and if we take the center and average 9300 + 9307 and get 9303.5 and for the center east west at the center we get ... 5694.5 + 5675 and average of (5694.5 + 5675 = 11369.5 / 2 =) 5684.75 then plus 2203 and + 1393 gives us 9280.75 and short to the average of 9303.5 by 24.75 inches so maybe I am missing something here but I do not see how Petrie's measurements can be correct.

Can anyone else explain what has happened and why no one has noticed this since the 1880's ? Or have they ? has anyone else ever surveyed Meidum and it's surrounding wall ? Google came up with a blank. The only explanation I could come up with, other than that Petrie was simply wrong , is that the pyramid "bulges" in the center ... Is this possible ? Like The Great Pyramid and Menkare's Pyramid which are indented on their faces could Meidum have bulged outward ? Or is it possible that the enclosure wall dips in at the centers ?

And for any who are interested in how my mathematical studies are going at Meidum ...


Thanks in advance
Don Barone

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A Problem at Meidum

Don Barone April 09, 2018 07:47AM

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