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April 22, 2018 08:45PM

""I being studying the affinities between Phoenician, Latin, Etruscan & Greek and how the numbers are named and it's history is interesting, There is uncertainty with the Etruscan number names, all websites that show these numbers, huθ his either 6 or 4 and semφ is either 7 or 8.

In English, we have Eleven & Twelve meaning one-left & two-left, the rest of the numbers are three-right, four-right

Eleven & Twelve can be written using Greek cognates.

Eleven : ει-λείπω , ει-λαιός * One to the Left
Twelve : δύο-λείπω , δύο-λαιός * Two to the Left

Thirteen : τρίς-δέκα * Three to the Right
Fourteen : τέσσαρες-δέκα * Four to the Right
Fifteen : πέντε-δέκα * Five to the Right

εις(1) δύο(2) τρίς(3) τέσσαρες(4) πέντε(5) ἕξ(6) ἑπτά(7) ὀκτώ(8) ἐννέα(9)

Four is lengthier, compared too the other numbers in Greek & Latin , most of these names are similar too the Etruscan & Phoenician names accept for 4 & 10. The Etruscan & Phoenician word for 10 is SAR, this became Four""

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Why Eleven & Twelve?

Hans April 22, 2018 08:45PM

Re: Why Eleven & Twelve?

Hermione May 04, 2018 02:45AM

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