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May 04, 2018 08:20PM
Hi all, you brave souls who do not fear to journey to the underworld. This is going to be an explanation on why The "Inch" works perfectly at Giza and the rest of The Pyramids of Egypt as well. The first thing you have to do is try to shake off your notion of what you think an inch is. The Ancient Inch or at least "The Inch" of The Pyramid Builders was not the inch that immediately pops to mind. It is simply a number generated from the perfect square where sq rt of 2 is ... hang on let me post the picture. So much clearer ...

So as you can see the number 9068.9968 is simply a number generated from the use of our three favorite numbers, sq rt of 2, sq rt of 3 and Pi. This is what The Great Pyramid is ...

Aw but you are probably saying so where do the cubits fit in ... well I am glad you asked that question for the story is stranger than fiction ... many have asked where did The Royal Cubit come from, why does it measure 20.62 inches, BUT YOU HAVE TO REMEMBER THAT IT IS MADE UP OF 20.62 OF THE INCHES IN THE DIAGRAM.

Well ... allow me to quote you just a bit of astronomy before I move on ...

The semi major axis of Mars (just average distance from The Sun) is 227,943,824km from this link ... [solarsystem.nasa.gov] and Earth is 149,598,262 km from this link: [solarsystem.nasa.gov]

Okay so get to the point why is there 20.62 of those inches in a cubit ... well ...

227,943,824 / 149,598,262 = 1.523706

And as luck (yeah right) would have it ... 20.62 of "their" inches x 1.523706 is equal to .... 31.4188

So we have Mars = Pi

Earth = 20.62 or The Cubit ...

So you are probably arguing but, but, but how could they possibly know the distance to the planets ... aw ... but they didn't have to know that ... the orbital periods or time of rotation or simply a year yields the same numbers ... no doubt about it ... Mars is Pi and Earth is The ROYAL Cubit ... somehow that is so nice and fitting.

A quick proof of what I say ...

They would know Earth was 365.25 days or somebody would have, I don't think you are quite ready for me to tell you the whole story ... The Ancient Astronomers would also have figured out that Mars took 686.98 days. Ratio of Mars to Earth is 686.98 / 365.25 = 1.8808487 now in this number Earth is the 1 and Mars is greater by the 0.880847

To solve this all you need to know is what Kepler discovered according to him from "divine intervention" The period or ratio of days in a year ( Mars/ Earth 1.880084) squared and then cube rooted gives you the relative orbital distance of the planets ... 1.523685..Did they know this ? Well someone back then did ... and it is now a mute point on whether they were tombs or not. Call them tombs it is totally not relevant anymore for it is the size that is all important. Did the Kings choose to get buried underneath them, I guess it is possible but I still think unlikely. One thing I am now totally sure of is that being a tomb was not the reason why they were built.

For a much fuller account visit this site:


We are on the verge ...

Don Barone

Cherry Picking - If you can't debate your opponents on the substance of the issue, crush them on the minor details.

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Why The "Inch" Works at Giza and throughout Ancient Egypt

Don Barone May 04, 2018 08:20PM

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