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November 26, 2020, 1:17 pm UTC    
May 05, 2018 05:04PM
Hello Ma'atians ... not to be confused with Martians smiling smiley little joke

I am offering up alternative solutions to some age old concepts. They might appeal to some of you.

These being:

1) The 360 degree circle was totally not about The Earth and it's number of days but had everything to do with Mercury and the fact that it's semi major axis was almost exactly 36,000,000 miles ( 35,983,046 miles)

2) The elliptical orbit of Mercury was equal to 1200 light seconds. that is a light bean would take 1200 seconds to follow the orbit. Of course 1200 seconds = 20 light minutes !

In a circle that has 20 as it's circumference it's radius is (rounded) 3.1831. I point you to my analysis of this ratio:



The 1200 light seconds came to represent the TWELVE and of course the object they were orbiting or following became of course "Jesus" in symbolic literature of the time.

Again the 12 Zodiacs were representing THE TWELVE as they circled the galactic center ... "Jesus"

Again in Greek and Roman mythology ... Mount Olympus was The Sun and The "Gods' were THE TWELVE

And Hercules and his TWELVE labors

And of course lastly THE TWELVE DISCIPLES ... and CHRIST representing this same concept

It was this secret that was hidden for these many thousand of years ... there were planets revolving around The Sun ... and as I stated so many years ago, back in 1999 I believe if you were going to hide knowledge where would you hide it ... well you would hide it in large stone monuments (The Pyramids of Egypt) and hide it in religious myth ... and so it has been for these so many thousands of years ... So all this hype for God and such just window dressing, The Creator totally real and the dominant force in The Universe ...

But that alone would not have been the main reason for hiding it ... no the main reason for hiding it was ... how did Ancient Man know there were planets orbiting The Sun?

Don Barone

Cherry Picking - If you can't debate your opponents on the substance of the issue, crush them on the minor details.

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