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September 16, 2018 05:34AM
As I propose and explain in my book


the Giza pyramids were erected based on Greek mountains.

Corroborating proof of this can be drawn from the position of the largest pyramid of China, the Tomb of Emperor Wu of Han:

My proposition is that the Menkaure pyramid maps the position of mount Kokkinia in Aetolia Greece. We thus have:

Menkaure pyramid latitude = 29.9725°
mount Kokkinia latitude = 38.6986°

the sum S of these latitudes is:

S = 29.9725° + 38.6986° = 68.6711°

The latitude of the pyramid of Emperor Wu is:

l = 34.3383°

double this is:

2 x l = 2 x 34.3383° = 68.6766°

The error is 0.0055° = 0° 0' 20"

This means that the Xianyang pyramids were designed, probably with the help of celestial beings so as to represent a symbolic mid point between the realm of Greek mountains and that of Egyptian pyramids.



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