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 Multiculturalism, Cult Archaeology, and Pseudoscience
 Afrocentrist Linguistics
 Stolen Legacy (or Mythical History?) Did the Greeks Steal Philosophy from the Egyptians?
 Comments on Pitfalls in Multicultural Science Education
 Spreading Scientific Illiteracy Among Minorities - Part I: Multicultural Pseudoscience
 Robbing Native American Cultures: Van Sertima's Afrocentricity and the Olmecs
 Spreading Scientific Illiteracy Among Minorities - Part II: Magic Melanin

 Tiwanaku (Tiahuanaco) Site Bibliography
 Dating of Tiwanaku (Tiahuanaco) Site, Bolivia
 In Their Own Words: the chroniclers on Andean chickens
  2012: The Year Of The Mayan Prophecy
 Review of 2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl by Daniel Pinchbeck
 Kolomoki: Woodland in the Southland
 Grounding the Nasca Balloon
 Burying the White Gods
 Evolution and Multiculturalism
 The Maritime Foundations of Andean Civilization: An Evolving Hypothesis
 Goodbye Columbus? The Pseudohistory of Who Discovered America
 Tiwanaku: Alternative History in Action
 The Spanish Imposition

  Ancient Astronauts
 Von Däniken's Chariots: A Primer in the Art of Cooked Science
 The return of Ancient Astronauts; Zecharia Sitchin Rekindles an Old Pseudoscience
 Space Travel in Bronze Age China?
 Investigating the Sirius 'Mystery'

  Ancient Texts
  Language on the Fringe 3: Minerva and the Disk

  Antarctic Farce

  Planet Narnia: The Seven Heavens In The Imagination Of C. S. Lewis

 Granite, Bimini, and Atlantis
 Bimini Columns
 Lemuria - Here We Go Again
  The Rise & Fall Of Atlantis And The Mysterious Origins Of Human Civilization

 Aboriginal people were not the first Australian inhabitants?

  Bermuda Triangle
  Critical Reading, Careful Writing, and the Bermuda Triangle

  Australian Cryptozoology

  Dating Methods
 Analysis of Hancock's Position Statement on C-14 Dating
 An Answer to Graham Hancock

  Development of Civilization
 The Emergence of Civilizations to 500 BCE

  Earth Crustal Displacement
  (Pole Shift)
 Paleoclimatic Reconstructions and Scandinavian and Scottish Ice Sheets
 Beech Trees of Antarctica
 Fossil Forests of Axel Heiberg Island
 Champsosaurs of Axel Heiberg Island

 The Narmer Macehead and Related Objects

 Giza Before the Fourth Dynasty
 The Wrong Question (or: The Myth of the Mystery of the Missing Messages)

  Hancock's Scholarship
 The Cuicuilco Pyramid and Fingerprints of the Gods
 Fingerprints of the Gods Re: Piri Reis Map
 Fingerprints of the Gods FOG Exhibits 13 and 14
 Fingerprints of the Gods Exhibits 11 and 12
 Fingerprints of the Gods Exhibit 10, Part A - Spitzenbergen, Grinnel Land Swamps, Warm Arctic Ocean, etc.
 Fingerprints of the Gods Exhibit 10, Part B - Mars, Gondwana ice sheets, and Gothenburg excursion
 The Fruit Tree and Fingerprints of the Gods
 Fingerprints of the Gods FOG Exhibit 9, The Buache Map of 1739
 Fingerprints of the Gods The Orontius Fineaus Map of 1532, Exhibit 8
 Fingerprints of the Gods Exhibit 7, The Ross Sea Cores
 Fingerprints of the Gods Exhibits 4 to 6 - Fossil Forests
 Fingerprints of the Gods Exhibits 1 to 3 - Reefs and coal beds

 LANGUAGE ON THE FRINGE: Numerology, numerophonology and other oddities
 LANGUAGE ON THE FRINGE - Buddhist roots for European words?
 LANGUAGE ON THE FRINGE - The Lord?s Prayer in Serbian
 LANGUAGE ON THE FRINGE - Etymology and philology
 LANGUAGE ON THE FRINGE - Numbers and angles
  LANGUAGE ON THE FRINGE 7: ?I Can?: linguists, teachers and children?s language
  Glozel Resurfacing!
  Gavin Menzies? (mis-)use of linguistics
  LANGUAGE ON THE FRINGE 2: Central Asian Navajo?
 LANGUAGE ON THE FRINGE 6: No such thing as grammar?
 Language On The Fringe #5 (?It?s All Irish To Him?)
 LANGUAGE ON THE FRINGE 9: Of Finns and Frisians
  LANGUAGE ON THE FRINGE 8: Secret history?
 Skepticism, Sanskrit and the Indus Valley Script
 Tower of Babel
 The Phaistos Disk
 Oates? theory of Reverse Speech: an update
 David Oates? theory of Reverse Speech: a critical examination
 Linguistic Reconstruction and Revisionist Accounts of Ancient History
 Old-Time Religion, Old-Time Language
 Review of The Science Of The Dogon by Laird Scranton

  Lost Civilizations
 An Evaluation of the Geological Evidence Presented By ''Gateway to Atlantis'' for Terminal Pleistocene Catastrophe
 Review of Voyages of the Pyramid Builders
 The New Atlantis and the Dangers of Pseudohistory
 Tracing Graham Hancock's Shifting Cataclysm
 Book Review of Underworld by Graham Hancock
 The Fingerprints of Graham Hancock
 Review of Flooded Kingdoms of the Ice Age
 The Lost Civilization in Historical Perspective Déjà vu all over again

  Methodological Problems
 Counter-Knowlege: How We Surrendered to Conspiracy Theories, Quack Medicine, Bogus Science, and Fake History
 Invented Knowledge: False History, Fake Science And Pseudo-Religions
 Skepticism on 'Fringe' and 'Mainstream'
 Archaeological Fantasies: How pseudoarchaeology misrepresents the past and misleads the public
 Invisible Visitors: Explaining Archaeological Skepticism
 Nic Flemming's Channel 4 Encounter
 The Gentle Art of Myth Management
 Fingerprints of the Gods: A Review
 An Analysis of the Quality of Graham Hancock's Science
 Three Basic Principles of Archaeological Research
 Myth of the Open Mind
 Definition of Peer-Reviewed Journals: A Rebuttal to the Lunatic Fringe
 The Absence of Evidence

 LANGUAGE ON THE FRINGE: Sailing to Flores ? and Crete
  The Incredible Human Journey: The Story Of How We Colonised The Planet
 Lost World Of The Kimberley: Extraordinary Glimpses Of Australia?s Ice Age Ancestors

 The Myth of Egyptian Pi
 Irrational numbers and pyramids
 Pick a Card, Any Card - How Hancock Finds Precessional Numbers

  Orion Correlation Theory
 Longing for Leo
 Dancing with Lions
 The Orion Correlation and Air-Shaft Theories
 Astronomer Tony Fairall and Secret Chamber
 Astronomical Integrity at Giza
 The Sphinx Blinks
 Going Orion in a Circle (Or: The Challenging Cayce of 10,500BC)
 Pyramid Marketing Schemes
 Orion and the Giza Pyramids
 Aldebaran and the Dashour Pyramids

  Out of Place Artifacts
 The Coso Artifact: Mystery from the Depths of Time

 Beyond The Occult: Twenty Years? Research Into The Paranormal

  Pre-Columbian Contact
 The Newport Tower and the Plowden Petition
 Gavin?s Fantasy Land, 1421: The Year China ...
 Plant Evidence for Contact Between Africa and the New World
 The Stoned Age?

  Reference Pages
 Paul Heinrich's geological postings on the "Bosnian Pyramid"

  Southeast Asia
 Artifacts or Geofacts? Alternative Interpretations of Items from the Gulf of Cambay

  The Sphinx
 Geologic Study of the Sphinx
 More Sphinx Debate: He said, I say... James Harrell responds to Robert Schoch
 Comments on the Geological Evidence for the Sphinx's Age
 More Sphinx Debate: He Said ... I Say
 The Sphinx Controversy: Another Look at the Geological Evidence
 Age of the Sphinx
 Notes and Photographs on the West-Schoch Sphinx Hypothesis
 Deterioration of the Stone of the Great Sphinx
 The ARCE Sphinx Project - A Preliminary Report

  Unforbidden Geology
 The Tomb of Sabu and the Tri-lobed Ornamental Bowl
 Ancient Egyptian Materials: Greywacke (schist)
 Ancient Egyptian Materials: Diorite
 Rock Properties: Why the ancient Egyptians can carve rock with stone and copper tools
 Date range of cylindrical beaker's forms, bands, and rims
 Ancient Egyptian Stone Vessel Making
 Ancient Egyptian Copper Slabbing Saws
 Ancient Egyptian Copper Coring Drills
 Ancient Egyptian Tools and Methods
 Unforbidden Geology